Shell and tube condenser CRW


The new ONDA shell and tube “ CRW “ condenser line has been designed for air conditioning and process cooling applications using HFC and HFO refrigerants as primary fluid, the secondary fluid is
usually water.

Other refrigerants are suitable, provided they are compatible with the materials used for construction and the PS and TS design conditions
Thanks to its high thermal performance tube the CRW condenser has a compact design which allows to reduce the specific refrigerant charge of about -28% [kg/ kW] vs condensers using traditional finned tubes
In standard European conditions “CRW” shell & tube condensers have an heat capacity between 5 and 350 kW.

The dimensional data present in this catalogue have to be taken as purely indicative, since they are subjected to manufacturing tolerances.
At any time, ONDA S.p.A. reserves the right to make all changes deemed useful and convenient.