Vision & Mission


Our wish is to be the creators of advanced technologies, capable of improving infrastructures worldwide by promoting change as reliable partners, involving society in order to make our world more sustainable.


Onda is internationally recognized for its speed of response, always offering technological and innovative solutions that meet our Customers’ technical and production needs, both with flexibility and experimental propensity.

We develop components for air conditioning, refrigeration, cooling systems and heat exchange, covering the entire market, all across the board while still maintaining high specialization capacity, thus identifying ourselves uniquely in the world compared to our competitors. We respond to transversality through production plants both in Italy and abroad.

We forge partnerships with players who govern current technologies by choosing partners in the sector who are reliable, proactive and open to accepting new ideas.

We work with international targets: OEM builders, installers, designers, installers/contractors and end-users while maintaining an ethical trade policy.

We are a highly skilled and proactive team, inclined to innovation and change, and to providing continuous improvement and efficiency, organized and united in our reference points on corporate values.

We are a recognized point of reference in the academic world and in the sector thanks to the Research Centre of excellence in the heart of the company with the finest talents around, and to the Academy bringing and promoting sustainable culture to the world.



VISION for us means imagining something that has not yet been conceived and created (even products that have never been made) because everything we see is a new opportunity. It means devising anomalous and different things achieve improvements, discussing them in order to perfect them and then finally creating them! Our vision is curiosity, but it is also a process: first we observe what surrounds us, then we elaborate it, go further and deeper and finally we want to make it real.


RELIABILITY for us means making wise decisions, keeping our word without ever backing down in the face of difficulty, never compromising but endeavouring to find an advantageous agreement.

Being reliable means taking responsibility for carrying out commitments and reassuring others by the way we behave.

Determination & Resourcefulness

RESOURCEFULNESS for us means that there can be no half measures: when you decide to act, you must do so quickly!

Once the objectives have been clarified, for us, being resourceful means using our DETERMINATION to achieve our goals with tenacity, courage and fairness without stopping when faced with problems and without fear of failure.


COOPERATION for us means working as a team, helping each other to solve problems, working together also in different fields towards the common good.

Being cooperative means making every effort to listen to others, to evaluate their points of view, being inspired to improve one’s own ideas, reaching decisions together and moving ahead accordingly.



    Our Facilities

    Production Area: 8.000 m²


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    Production Area: 1.500 m²


    Via Vittoria, 158 A
    36065 Mussolente (VI) Italia
    Tel. +39 0424 87506
    Fax +39 0424 87744

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    Production Area: 9.000 m²


    Via Lord Baden Powell, 11
    36045 Lonigo (VI) Italia
    Tel. +39 0444 720720
    Fax +39 0444 720721

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    Production Area: 4.500 m²


    600 London Rd
    Delaware, OH 43015
    Tel. +1 614 321 3342

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    Production Area: 1.800 m²


    Lentolantie 22
    36220 Kangasala Tampere, Finland
    Tel. +35 8331437300
    Mobile +35 8409012999

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