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Plate and frame standard

Gasketed Plate & Frame heat exchangers standard line GG

The Onda Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers are available in various models and dimensions and always offer the best solution to a great variety of heat exchange applications coming from both the HVAC and the industry such as the powerindustry, marine, chemical, heavy industry etc., as well as cogeneration and district heating-and cooling applications.


  • Frame: Carbon steel, painted
  • Plates: AISI 316L / TITANIUM / AISI 304L
  • Gaskets: NBR (110° C max) / EPDM (140°C max)
  • Tightening bolts: galvanized steel
  • Connections: AISI 304 / AISI 316 / PVC / POM-C


Insulations available on request