Dry expansion evaporators FSE


The new dry-expansion evaporator FSE has been developed to respond to Air Conditioning, Data Center and Process Cooling application demands. FSE employs a refrigerant distribution system which has been optimized to manage multiple refrigerants in order to respond to the new EU F-Gas regulation proposal with R290, R600a or with the traditional HFC, HFO low pressure refrigerants.

The FSE design has been optimized by R&D by using a fluid dynamic simulation analysis (CFD) and internal thermal design simulation tools. The efficiency of water side has been improved by reducing the pressure drop. CFD has also contributed to improve the refrigerant distribution and allowed to optimize distributors specific for Data Center applications.

We have confirmed the calculations with extensive test campaign in Onda’s laboratory.

The ONDA shell & tube compact evaporators, SSE series, have cooling capacity range up to 2200 kW and 4 refrigerant circuits.